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The Cyprus Pet Advertising Advisory Group (CYPAAG) was created to combat growing concerns regarding the irresponsible advertising of pets for sale, rehoming, and exchange. The Group comprises animal welfare organisations, trade associations and veterinary bodies.

Even since its formation, CYPAAG has witnessed a massive increase in the number of pets and animals advertised online. The ease and popularity of the internet means that the impulse buying of pets has become an appealing option, with people able to search and find an animal for sale at the click of a button. The lure of a quick, unregulated sale also attracts many unscrupulous breeders and dealers to websites.

CYPAAG aims to ensure that pet animals advertised for sale are done so legally and ethically. CYPAAG has been engaging with online marketplaces in the CYPRUS to help them distinguish appropriate adverts from those that should be removed. This continuing work with websites is vital, especially given the current lack of regulation with regards to the online advertising and sale of pets.

CYPAAG also aims to raise public awareness of the need to act responsibly when looking to buy pets advertised on websites and in publications and the need to do research before making any purchase.

We urge buyers to be cautious when looking to buy an animal via an online advert and look at the guidance we have included on this site. We have seen a number of cases where people have unwittingly purchased poorly or problem pets.

If you have bought an animal from a classified advert or website that has turned out to be a poorly or problem pet or are concerned about a pet being advertised for sale please follow our advice on how to report it.